Rebecca Golden

Rebecca Golden

Digital, SEO, Social & Print Writer

Writer and editor living in Detroit. Book: Butterbabe (Random House) Topics: Real estate, fashion, decor, cooking, travel, art, books, politics, TV, film, weight issues and higher ed (among others).

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Open uri20160603 29070 134jyem article

All the weight I didn’t lose

After surgery, I shed 250 pounds, but I'm torn between accepting my body and getting more operations to "fix" it...

Open uri20160603 29070 mhmsxb article

Excuse me while I stick my head in the toilet

Ever wonder what it would be like to clean strangers' homes for money? Well, I don't have to...

Open uri20160603 29070 1om17po article

My big fat obnoxious former self

I'm glad I don't weigh 571 pounds anymore. But I miss my big-girl righteousness and bravado....

Open uri20160603 29070 jazyis article

Interview With My Bully: The bully who asked for forgiveness

Ryan wasn't the only kid who tormented me. But he was the only one brave enough to speak to me about it...

Open uri20160603 29070 1b4xr17 article

Fat girl: A history of bullying

Every day I walked a gantlet of humiliation. By the age of 12, I wanted to kill myself...