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Rebecca Golden

Digital, SEO, Social & Print Writer

Writer and editor living in Detroit. Book: Butterbabe (Random House) Topics: Real estate, fashion, decor, cooking, travel, art, books, politics, TV, film, weight issues and higher ed (among others).

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Detroit's Art Deco Masterpiece, Like Its City, Is Poised for Reinvention

Detroit's Art Deco Masterpiece, Like Its City, Is P...

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That's a Wrap: DIY Network Says Goodbye to Local Family

A local home recently featured on DIY Network's American Rehab has over 100 years of history, much of it centered on one family. The show told the story of Detroit couple Christopher Lee and Amy......

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Dream Cruise Deathmatch: Service Station Restaurants

What says fine dining better than the memory of old gasoline smell lingering in the air? We know the suburbs can be terrifying, but they're hard to avoid where the Woodward Dream Cruise is......

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Rebecca Golden Profile and Activity - Curbed Detroit

by Rebecca Golden Nov 19, 2015, 1:19p. The Heidelberg Project offers a different experience every visit. On a blindingly blue and gold fall day, the trees lining ......

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Sale to Borland Keeps Fab Detroit Home in Artists' Hands

As Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland and his fiancee, Queen Kwong frontwoman Carré Calloway dig into renovations on their newly purchased Detroit home—Instagram shows pix of Calloway on its grand......

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Luminous Bi-Level Penthouse Offers Lofty Views of Brush Park

In New York or LA, this 2-bedroom, 2-bath penthouse loft would go for millions. Here, the place can be had for a mere $599K. With 1700 square feet, the bi-level penthouse has dramatic views of......

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Krainz Woods 3-Bedroom Midcentury Modern Asks $75K

This 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home offers 1500 square feet of open floor plan living. The house has a really interesting look from the street with its space-age roofline, classic midcentury modern......

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Satan and Kiddos Make Detroit Debut in Secret Ceremony

For weeks, the city's been abuzz with talk of Satan—more accurately, Baphomet, the (sometimes) woman-breasted but otherwise anatomically male devil figure with a goat's head. Specifically, the talk......

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30-Year-Old Folk Art Project Remains a Constant in a Changing Detroit

The Heidelberg Project offers a different experience every visit. On a blindingly blue and gold fall day, the trees lining Heidelberg street carry heavy canopy, the leaves brown and gold and green......

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Stone Soap Building Open for Redevelopment on the River

This month, the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (DBRA) and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) are seeking preliminary redevelopment proposals for the Stone Soap Building.......

Wes Borland and fiancée Carré Callaway Buy Detroit Fixer

Following in Jack White's house-proud footsteps, Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland and his fiancée, Carré Callaway of Queen Kwong fame, are moving to the D—into an Arden Park mansion the pair plans to......

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Santa and Diego Rivera Unite on Peninsulas' Holiday Cards

Peninsulas, the online and pop-up place for all things Michigan, unveiled its line of Detroit-centric holiday cards this week. The company, founded last year by Robert Jameson and Sherri......

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Szabla-designed Mega Flip Mega Flops to $80K Price Chop

While our readers disagreed rather intensely about the quality of developer and self-styled preservationist Sam Szabla's design, the 6-bed, 4.5 bath, 1916 beaux arts mansion is clearly a well-built......

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Need a Short Term Rental? New Center Attic Asks $800

One element of Detroit's housing market, the corporate apartment, tends to come in one flavor: generic. These units rent for upwards of $2500 a month, and many offer all the charm and homeyness of......

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Adorable 4-Bedroom West Village Cottage Wants $230K

This 1896 charmer has so much character and warmth it makes a Thomas Kinkade painting look like a goth tattoo. There are all manner of sweet period details, including some very nice leaded glass......